Tips For Business Relocation Planning and It's Execution

Business RelocationFor obvious reasons, business relocation is not the same as say a home relocation and it’s not just the material to be shifted – the whole approach to the relocation needs to be different. Read on to find out how.

Granted that it is people who are in charge of the business relocation and more often than not, these people draw from past experiences on relocation – even though it may be their own home relocation. While some aspects are the same e.g. planning the relocation, everything else is different.

There are three stages to business relocation; pre-relocation planning, relocation and post-relocation:

Pre-relocation involves planning the countdown – for example, the manner in which servers are going to be shut down prior to packing. Which offices are the packed first? Which storage units should be packed last and so forth?

Pre-relocation planning also needs to look at the new office location. For example, parking for the movers, what time should the trucks reach the site? Are the administration staffs at the new location aware that a new company is moving in? Can they help so at least a couple of lifts be set aside for the exclusive use movers? Planning with the security staff at the new location, coordinating with the technical staff who will be in-charge of installing the hardware, networking cables, the filing cabinets, requirement of additional electrical sockets and switches and so forth.

The actual business relocation too needs meticulous planning. What day and time should the packers and movers arrive? Can at least a couple of lifts be set aside for the exclusive use movers so they are not interrupted and the movement of material from the office to the mover’s trucks is smooth. The current security staff and building administration too needs to be aware of your plans. Ensuring all dues are cleared before the day of the move should be part of the business relocation planning. Trust us when we say there have been more relocation plans gone haywire than we can count because the building administration would not allow the relocation to proceed because a few bills were not paid.

There simply is no substitute for meticulous planning not only because your own bosses and or staff will be watching, but because glitches during the business Removalists Sydney can prove potentially expensive. Whether or not the business is able to restart at the new location on the day it is supposed to, will depend on whether or not the business relocation went smoothly. For this reason, you have been nominated to oversea the relocation planning, always rope in at least one more to help you with it because there will always be one of two seemingly minor things that might escape your planning – minor things that could have a major impact on the move.

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