Zoomremovals Range Of Trucks To Suit All Move Sizes

Zoom RemovalsThe one thing that most folks in Australia fail to specify when requesting for removal services is, the size of the truck. The cost of the removal is dependent on the size of the truck that arrives at the premise.

You might be moving from a small studio apartment that only has a couch, a couple of chairs, a table, a refrigerator and small suitcases or, you might have a fairly limited quantum of material to be moved. In either case, a small-ish 3-ton truck that comes with two personnel should be more than adequate to do the job.

If you fail to specify the size of the truck, most removal service providers will send you a 4.5 or 6 ton truck. The bigger the size of the truck obviously, more the cost.

Zoomremovals one of Australia's premier removal service provider, has 6 (six) different types of trucks in their fleet of trucks. These include:

1. Mighty Mouse: a 3-ton truck that comes with 2 personnel
2. Big Foot: a 4.5 Ton truck that also comes with 2 personnel
3. Goliath: a 6-Ton truck with 2 personnel. This is the most common request for small to medium sized apartments and houses.
4. Godzilla: a 12 ton truck with 2 personnel. Ideal for 3-bed apartments and homes.
5. Moby Dick: a 14 Ton truck also comes with 2 personnel and ideal for 3 to 4 bedroom apartment and homes.
6. Monster: A 60 cubic feet truck that comes with 3 personnel and ideal for 3+ bedroom apartments and homes with a large amount of content to be moved.

The larger trucks are of course, multi-axle and long-ish. They can carry a lot of stuff and carry them over long distances. These trucks are also idea for office Removals North West requests so all the tables, chairs and workstations can easily fit into the large truck.

Each truck supplied by Zoom Removals is equipped with GPS real-time tracking. At any point in time the office knows the exact location of the truck. All personnel supplied with the truck are trained to drive slowly and cautiously so that the precious cargo is not damaged during transit.

The best way to go about ordering yourself a Removalist Company Sydney service is to mention the material, quantum of material to be moved, number of personnel you think will be required for the jobv and then asking for a quote. Zoom Removals will accordingly quote for the most appropriate truck size, personnel requested for, time that will be required for loading and unloading and distance to travel. This way you can keep your costs to the minimal.

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